Reason 11 will arrive as a plug-in

Propellerhead has announced Reason 11, a major update that sees its flagship DAW available as a plug-in version known as Reason Rack Plugin. The Swedish music software company has also officially changed its name to Reason Studios to better align its flagship product with brand identity.

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How to program your own beats in Logic Pro X

With features like Note Repeat and a vast library of drum sounds, Logic Pro X is the perfect tool for programming your own beats. We pick up our sticks and show you how to get more creative with the DAW.

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9 Essentials for Setting Up Your Home Studio

You’re probably here because you’re keen to start channeling your creative skills into the world of music production and beyond. Building beats is great fun and setting up a creative studio space to call your own can be just as rewarding. But, If you’re a bit stuck on how to get started, that’s fine – we were all there at some stage.

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5 Fundamental Software Synths Every Producer Should Own

As a musician, working with different types of synths can be a rewarding way to experiment with electronic music production and learn what’s what in the world of synthesis.

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The easy guide to music theory: how to find the right chords to fit a melody

Maybe you’ve just dreamt up a cool melody or been tasked with remixing a track that has an existing vocal line. You’re off to a good start, but how do you go about finding chords that fit?

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What is the 808 kick, and why do we all still love it?

The history of one of the most iconic sounds in electronic music. “Nothing sounds quite like an 808,” declared the Beastie Boys. But why, and how has its sound managed to endure?

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